Thursday, November 11

Thursday, November 11, 2010...Another Day...Another Bust...Tomorrow South...

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Today was a bust because we went to Vick's parents, visited for a bit and brought them home to spend a day or two watching things for us to go visiting in PA.
We've had a bad week so far, so we're looking forward to the trip to central Pennsylvania to visit family. We started out on Monday with a broken throttle lever on the John Deere, but yesterday I ordered it for $16.99, which gets us the gas throttle, the choke lever, the cables and the entire assembly......I would have thought it would cost at least $100.00..... Then after that, the pellet stove combustion blower started squealing, so we looked on the internet and bought a new one for $102.00.....and it arrived last week. We had been using the old motor because I lubed it and it began running smooth again. Tuesday, it started squealing again, so I changed the blower motor. Yesterday, the other blower motor (the convection blower) began squealing and locked up. The thermo-disc hasn't been shutting the blower off when the air is cold for the last month too, so I ordered two thermo-discs and the convection blower assembly today. The discs cost us $55.00 and the blower assembly cost us $96.00. The amazing thing is that I called all over asking for prices on blowers the first time around and nobody that sells pellet stoves could help me.... I even called the Lopi dealer in Ashokan and they never called back...... Thank goodness that you can simply type in your manufacturer and part number on Google and you get lots of places that sell them.
Anyway... we'll be glad to get away for a day. We'll leave at 4:00Am and we'll return Saturday morning early. It's gonna be a fun vacation from rush and running. When we get back, we'll pick up where we left off. Maybe I can get my eggs, sausage and home fries from my favorite little restaurant.......
Please be patient and remember.....we won't be posting until Saturday night or Sunday morning......

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