Wednesday, November 10

Wednesday, November 10, 2010...Here We Go Again...As Before And Always.....

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Yep, absolutely nothing went as planned today, making it another regular and usual day. I got nothing done which I had planned to do, except get my hair cut. After we started home from our hair cut, we decided to go to Cairo and pick up our prescriptions at CVS pharmacy, so we jumped down there to pick up our meds and started home. Once here, we found that more people were shopping on our on-line shopping site and a person bought three sets of pot holders. Unfortunately, one of the three had already been sold and this person placed an order for the same set before I had a chance to edit the website, so now they must pick another set or get refunded for the sold set. We also had to go to Lynda's to pick up the pot holders which we had at the sales. We then counseled a friend about how to proceed with a decision, making sure they didn't get taken as a result of that decision. By then it was time to put all the critters away for the night, so we did the feeding and watering and closed all the animals in for the evening. Once the dogs in the house were fed, we took off for Lowe's, to return a ceiling fan which we didn't want. While there, we got one we could use and some new brighter light bulbs for the kitchen. So, there you have it.......another day spent living entirely minute by minute.....taking it as it comes. Maybe I can post some pictures tomorrow.
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