Wednesday, November 17

Wed. Nov. 17, 2010... The Agenda Is Moving Again At The Hospice Gift Shop...

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Yesterday was a lousy day for anything except being a duck in an overcoat! The chickens hunkered under the overhangs of the buildings or stood under the car and truck, as the rainy mist fell all day long. Occasionally there was a drizzle and maybe a two minute downpour, but mostly it was that foggy, misty, cold sprinkle all day long. I let all the animals out, but most stood just inside the door to their quarters, running out momentarily and right back in again to stand and look out.
We began work in the gift shop by lighting a propane gas heater we bought from the Coxsackie Antique Center about two years ago. It hooks to your small BBQ sized propane tank and burns in a cone shape, emitting a lot of heat. It would have been great if the dude at the antique place hadn't painted it black to enhance its appearance...because until the paint burnt off, it made one BIG bunch of smoke and stink from burning it off. After it was gone, the heat filled the gift shop in record time and you could work in there in short sleeves again. Vick laid the tile floor for the wood stove, while I installed the vent vinyl outside and readied for the wood trim today. I will install the trim on the vinyl vents and install the batten board trim all around the ceiling and then the battens on the front, finishing off the outside work and sealing off everything within. We will then dive into the placement of the stove and install the wall thimble for the piping which won't get installed until we finish the wall in that corner after the insulation inspection.
I also need to construct seven crude wire enclosures for the turkeys, so we can take them to the processing house for all our waiting customers. I believe five of the seven birds are sold for this year and we will be doing more for next year, along with meat bird chickens...... Check back this evening for some pictures of the gift shop with the stove in it and the floor in the making... Vick will grout it today if it is ready. I will go out and light the stove to fill the building with toasty warm heat to continue curing the floor paste.
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