Friday, February 11

Friday, Feb. 11th...... Moving Right Along With Our Agenda...Slower Than Desired...

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The hospice gift shop is moving along, but of course, not at the intended speed we wanted it to progress, but that may soon change. The wood stove is positioned and the pipe temporarily installed for measuring sake. We needed another two and a half inches of pipe to actually install it permanently with the screws intended to lock it into position. We picked up another two foot piece today along with two big bags of hardwood billets, so tomorrow we will be ready to finish the installation and move on to the ceiling boards again. That will be a lot of ladder work and my knees will definitely take a beating installing that, but it has to be done. Vick will help, thus reducing the number of times I must go up and down the ladder to get things. We have made arrangements to purchases enough ¾” pine boards to finish the walls. Those boards are pine and measure seven inches wide, with a bead down the center and chamfers on both tongue & grooved ends. It will be a beautiful finish and will match and enhance the ceiling wood. We will also fabricate center panel walls to add wall space and allow more areas for art to hang without being a straight wall. We will run then zigzagged down the center of the room.
We also have a chance to get three more male Alpacas as a rescue. We cannot absorb them if they are over three years of age, because the feed is expensive and we must be able to count on good fiber for a few years to make it pay off. If they are over three years of age, their fiber will already be course and not very desirable to everyone. If they are younger than three......I need to get busy expanding the barn area for both the sheep and the Alpacas....If they are older, I still need to expand the areas anyway.
We both continue to lose weight at a steady trend. I am now at 240 and dropping. Vick is losing too. We are accomplishing this feat without dieting or doing without. In fact, I now eat my fill at each meal. The difference is that I eat only good things. We haven’t had a sip of any kind of soda except Seltzer and flavored waters since New Years Eve. We cut out bread...sugar...regular flour and sweetened drinks. We only drink flavored seltzer water and eat healthy, weight friendly dishes for meals. I want to get down to less than 200 pounds if I can.
I have already noticed that I can get around much easier, have less trouble on stairs...both going up or down. When we get a little further along, we can then work out on the equipment in the basement to burn even more calories than we do now. Vick is wearing jeans that she couldn’t wear for years.
Tomorrow, we’ll take some pictures in the daylight, so you can see the gift shop progress with Vick’s nicely finished tile work. The egg stand is a hit with the locals now. Everyone who bought eggs now seems to know that they will be available in the stand year round, because we keep them at a constant 40 degrees. Judy’s jams are also available, along with maple syrup and honey.
As a matter of fact, we just today made arrangements to sell Traphagen Honey because people at the farmer’s market want only local honey. We have been selling honey from our friend’s farm up near Salem, NY and will continue to do so for those who understand that local is “northeast”......not the town next to you. We couldn’t convince some people that the allergies they suffer are from the very same weeds and flowers than the folks in Washington County have too. Flower pollens there are the same as here and vise-versa. Oh well, we have to do, what we have to do, to keep people happy. Sometimes........

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Vick's Handiwork.........The walls are now fireproof...
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