Saturday, February 12

Sat, Feb. 12th... A Corn Supplier Materializes From Afar And We Tried Him Out...

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We were told about a corn supplier on route 30 about five miles west of Middleburg, New York that would sell us fifty pounds of corn for $6.50....and if we would buy in bulk, we could get it for $240.00/ton. It's not the kind of savings necessary that would allow us to do away with the bags and use barrels. After all, that’s only a twenty dollar savings on forty bags of corn. The convenience of the bags and the ease of handling them are worth the stupid twenty dollars we would save for sure. any event, we have been paying around $8.50/bag for our corn previously, so each bag is a two dollar savings, that way.
We finally finished the stove installation this evening, so tomorrow I can start a wood fire in the stove so Vick and I can work on the ceiling with a wood fire heating the shop. It really looks quaint sitting in there, with Vick’s excellent tile work. In fact, I’m putting the before and after pictures on this evening so you can see her tile work again and the stove installed.
We now have a variety of items up for auction on eBay.....and I’m adding to the list every morning and evening. At the present time, we have around twenty-three or more items listed. All you have to do is click on the link below to go and check out our auctions.....and keep looking, because I have a bunch of neat stuff in my camper to list too. Click Here!
We have gotten several questions from folks that still don’t know exactly what the mystery item was.....even from looking at the picture, so I need to print it so you all know. IT WAS WHOLE WHEAT PIZZA DOUGH. It started to rise in the refrigerator and popped a little hole in the bag, which of course allowed dough to ooze out, making that funky shaped thingie........That was it.......Pizza dough.
If you ever wonder why I get side tracked and miss writing a blog entry for a few days at a time, let me just tell you what we do here......pretty regularly.
I work on book keeping (and I’m not good at it...believe me!) We feed and water poultry and feed stock.... stock the egg stand, work in the hospice shop, list things on eBay, I blog, write my books, Vick draws and paints watercolors, we both research farm related problems on-line... and constantly look for things we need on the internet, and then I always try to do everything on my “honey Doo List”......usually to no avail! Then there are family oriented things, friends which call needing our help and then there is the night...... Darkness; when we sleep (or try to anyway). Then there are meals, showers, bathroom calls and that’s about it......................leaving approximately one or two minutes a day..... Maybe!

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This is OUTSTANDING tile work! Of course everything Vick does is Outstanding and INCREDIBLE!

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Vick's cute antique buy for the shop...A brass guard. Beautiful!!
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