Tuesday, February 22

Tuesday, February 22, 2011...Okay, So Here We Are...Cold, Happy & Creative....

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We have less than four weeks of winter to go..... March 21st will be the first day of spring and we will be able to count on more and more nice days then. In fact, we should start to see days in the fifties, off and one as we progress along the next four weeks.

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Has anyone done any eBay selling recently? If you have, then you know what a PS form 5630 is...right? For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s the latest message the United States Postal Service is sending out to piss you off again. It basically means that if you create your own pre-paid shipping labels (which removes the work from the post office), they now will not accept those packages at the post office without an accompanying PS form 5630. You have to make the form and put all the individual bar code label information on this form, so the post office jerk only has the form bar code to scan.....not each individual package.
Perhaps soon we will be required to go behind the desk, scan the package ourselves and load it onto an outbound truck......if we aren’t required to take it to the intended destination to mail it. Jeeze Um folks, can the Postal Service have anything closer to an Oxymoron name than, “POSTAL SERVICE”? Maybe they need all the time they have to design more offensive stamps or something.......
I believe if they don’t get something straightened out with eBay and make this easier for ME, not the post office which I pay good money to already.....I will package my stuff and dump them all on the damned counter in front of the clerk and make them weigh, print and affix labels and postage....holding up the line while they moan and groan about getting their way...... The Butt Holes... Let them work for the pay they get anyway!
My daughter’s hubby is undergoing surgery for kidney stones today. He has one lodged, which won’t pass, so they will go in after it and see about any others. My daughter hasn’t gotten a lot of sleep with Gud down and out of commission, taking care of the two grandsons by herself, so we’re hoping she gets some needed rest and Gud comes out today feeling like a new man. We have been worried about them both for better than a week now.....
Our son Bill, in L.I. is a lost loner...... Loraine, his wife, has gone to the west coast for a few days for a psych conference and Bill is alone and missing her already. Hang in there Bill....She’ll be back in no time! In the mean time, enjoy the solitude break, because it won’t last.
Maybe if everything goes well this afternoon, we’ll do some painting early in the evening. I’d like to work on my “Halve Maen Adventure” painting. Mine will not resemble the picture of the actual reproduction photo above. Mine will be more as the Halve Maen actually appeared in 1609 on the Hudson River, which Hudson previously named "Mauritius" after the Prince of Holland, Prince Mauritz van Nassau

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