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Wednesday, February 23, 2011...Watching The Cat Is Interesting & Enlightening...

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This morning while standing at the sink in the kitchen...after cleaning all the chicken eggs and boxing them, I noticed that Henrietta Putty Tat was trying to stalk a crow which was eating the chicken’s seed block Dawna placed near the old chicken and duck barn. Putty was doing her best to sneak and stalk to within ambush range, but still as she remained.....crouched.....carefully stalking....inching forward, every time the unsuspecting crow would peck at the block or the some of the loose seeds on the floor... I could see that the crow was fully aware of her presence, actually toying with her as she inched closer. Toying with Putty in the sense that it was making the most of it’s time eating the seed, rather than flying away. I therefore because a game of the quarry, rather than the hunter....for the quarry was hedging toward eminent death to get as many seeds as it could, gauging it’s narrow escape just before putty would pounce on it.
Poor Putty was so careful....sneaking and only moving when the bird was distracted by eating...How then did the crow know putty was near and stalking? THE TAIL!!!
No matter how slow Putty moved, or how still she remained, frozen in mid stride when the crow lifted its head....Putty could not control that tail, which whipped and twitched in anticipation of the capture. I suppose many times in the wild, an animal would escape certain death by the twitch of a tail, for they cannot control it. It’s amazing that Putty and her Mom Kaylee and Aunt Callie have all caught and killed gray squirrels in the yard. I never thought I would see that day either, but I have. Perhaps one day, I will see one of them with a crow too.

Today we take our application for recertification of our farm status to town hall. We have to make sure it is in by the first of March. We do not have our finished “schedule F” back from our accountant yet, but town hall called and said to bring the form in now and we can always bring the “schedule F” in when we get it. The important thing is that the re-certification form itself is register and on site in town hall before the 1st of March, so we’ll take it today. When Robert sends the “schedule F” back, we’ll simply run it down then. Later today sometime, Kim will come by to pick up her laundry bag that Vick made for her and four dozen of our eggs for friends of hers. Yesterday was a record day for eggs so far this year. We got 54 eggs total....15 of them being duck eggs. We haven’t gotten a turkey egg from Tina or any guinea fowl eggs since before Christmas...actually late in the fall. Perhaps the guineas will start to lay eggs soon too. The egg box was a little chilly yesterday. I check and the temperature had fallen below freezing, because the GFI receptacle on the outside of the gift shop popped for some reason and cannot be reset. Perhaps it happened when the power was flickering on and off the other day and damaged the receptacle. I moved to another receptacle inside the building and everything returned to normal without any problems. As soon as the weather breaks, I am going to run the power underground to the egg stand so we don’t have to use the heavy duty extension cord like we did this winter. (The ground was frozen when we heated the box)

SPRING is just around the corner.....HONEST!!!
(NOTE)It is now 11:01 at night.......The internet was down all morning and into the afternoon. I completed this at 11:00 this morning, but could not post it by the time we left for Vick's Dad's concert at 6:00 this evening.

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