Monday, March 7

Monday, March 7th.... The Hospice Gift Shop Is On Target for May Opening.....

We are steaming full speed ahead with the gift shop now. Today we finished the walls, so tomorrow will be spent looking for a 38” cabinet, suitable for our checkout counter and computer.... We’ll be looking for a cabinet with double doors and other like hidden compartments for paper storage, bags, the printer and the computer tower. We have a 38” wide counter top made of beautiful Maple to sit atop the cabinet which will hold a flat screen and keyboard and provide ample checkout space against the wall.
We’ll check with Tip Top Furniture and Home Depot tomorrow since we have to go pick up window trim and quarter round for the corners. We’ll look at some type of kickboard and top trim too.
Vick shot a little video of the finished wall in the gift shop, so take a look below at the link to it.
Click here to see the gift shop progress........
The Hospice people in Catskill are finally starting to get all cranked up and excited about our approaching opening. We’ve set our sights for May sometime, provided we keep on making the good progress daily which we’ve experienced recently. It is much easier to keep moving in a positive direction when good things happen for us. Friday, we were informed by a friend of ours, that she was donating all the wall boards, leaving us to spend that money on the finish trim wood and the cabinet for the checkout counter.
Recently we are have been receiving more and more pledges for donations of artwork for placement in the shop to sell. We have so many people pledging to donate artwork which will help us to raise the needed funding to make sure the Hospice and Palliative care program continues providing the same dignified care to it’s recipients as always. If you would like to help in any way, please contact us so we can set up a program to include you or your donations.

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