Sunday, March 27

Sun. March 27th...Happy Birthday to Me...Happy Birthday to Me....duh, duh, duhhhh duh, da da daaaaa.......duh da da da, duh...daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Remove Formatting from selection Ahhh yes. Here we are! I’ve arrived at that wondrous point in life which you swear you’ll never achieve.......The Big six O..... 60 years now, I’ve been pluggin’ along, slowly passing each of those year long milestones.....all sixty of them so far.....and I gotta tell you this... I’m a satisfied man! I haven’t a want in the world that I can’t achieve.... I have the greatest wife, lover friend and soulmate ever.... I have been blessed by God and given everything I ever needed.... And my good blessings continue to manifest daily. My life has really been a joy to experience as a result of all this and I really need to step back from time to time, to examine my attitude. (As my beautiful wife has brought to my attention too many times to mention) I allow myself to drift into a funky mood of decadence with my existence which is totally opposite of real self sense. I mean really.......I’m sixty years old, married three times... been beat and robbed in life, requiring me to start all over and I’ve now been retired for five years, have a working poultry & fiber farm, a loving, beautiful wife, lots of very close...excellent friends and nothing I want that isn’t right at my fingertips. The best part is that I enjoy giving to my friends and helping them in any way I can... and actually have the ability to disseminate good will where ever I go, influencing those about me to be as helpful and generous as they can be too. If only the world could be the same all over..... I also have the ability to dissect selfish, veiled and superciliously people upon meeting and can divest from them inconspicuously with grace, or in a very malevolence manner if necessary, although I prefer the first option. Today is MY DAY...... and I’ll do a few things I’ve been longing to do and haven’t. First, I’ll pull the welder from the basement and repair the aluminum lamp post base I broke off while plowing snow. It will be nice to get it repaired and the post back up and into place again. Then, I have a few things to weld on the equipment. There is a broken pin retainer on the bucket of the Cub Cadet, A few broken welds under the bed of the little trailer for the John Deere and I might look at making a repair, (of sorts) to the large trailer end gate tubing which is rusted off. If I can at least reinforce around the bad spot enough to be able to use the trailer for picking up our lumber in East Berne if necessary, I’ll be happy. If I don’t need to use it and can get it all in the truck, I’ll wait for my tank to come back to the Ravena Welding shop, so I can replace the rusted metal with a new piece of square tubing. We are going to be at Isabelle’s farm later for harness training with Dawna and Isabelle. Dawna is anxious to get working with Rafiki, the alpaca we gave her as a gift a week or so ago. We got him when we picked up Guiseppe, our new guy. We knew Dawna wanted to own an alpaca, but wouldn’t get one because she has to share our barn and pasture to keep one, so we invited her by making a gift of Rafiki to her. Now she has two sheep and an alpaca here with our four alpacas and a sheep. We’re trying to convince Linda that she needs to own a sheep or alpaca too and have offered to let her keep one of either here too. That’s the nice part of having things and can share with them and bring them joy too. Freely giving a friend joy is a feeling you could never buy with all the money in the world!

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