Monday, March 28

Mon. March 28th... We Meet The Vet at 9:00 AM at Isabelle's Farm

Remove Formatting from selection Today is the big day for Rafiki and Guiseppe.....Bigger by far for Rafiki, since he is getting gelded. The drug part won’t seem too bad for him, but the bow legged walking, for a week after the gelding, won’t be so pleasant. Both boys will have their teeth looked after and I suppose they will get their Ivermectin shot for parasites and maybe a Rabies shot too. I know Guiseppe needs his teeth trimmed back a little, which will aid in his eating later. Anyway.....we’ll be at the farm until this afternoon sometime, when we’ll return to do a little work around the farm. We’ll have a few pictures of the morning adventures for you this evening I hope.

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