Monday, January 30

Monday, January 30, 2012...Snow and Cold Dictates the Day Here...Yuck!!

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I was up early this morning to be ready to go and again help out our friend’s Phil and Shelly on their alpaca farm. We’re helping make changes to create an easier job of caring for the twenty seven animals they have. It has been keeping us busy, but they need the help and we need the extra cash, so we are both profiting. Like everyone else up here, they cannot find any hired help until Phil gets himself straightened out. He has a bad back and some other health issues, so Shelly is pretty much saddled with it all until Phil gets better. We are helping anywhere we can until then to support Shelly a little bit. The problem is that it’s twenty five degrees out there this morning, making the fingers ache and sting. We’ll be okay as long as the wind doesn’t whistle through the barn though. At least the sun is shining in between the light snow flurries.
The fiber swift is on eBay auctions and available at our website as well. We are now working on the fiber combs, which we will offer as a hand held set or a table top model. We also have plans for some other items, such as drop spindles, carding paddles, a niddy-noddy and perhaps a table Hackle, so when we aren’t helping Phil and Shelly, I have that task to pick up on. I never get bored with fact; I had a lot more idle time on my hands when I was working, although you would have never got me to admit to that then.
After we’re done helping Phil out, we have another paying job with our friend Judy. She would like some re-modeling done in her kitchen with a new counter top installed and a ceiling upgrade. There are a few other tasks in other rooms, such as wall replacements and ceiling work in those rooms too. We’ll be happy to help her and save her a bunch of money and aggravation with these contractor clowns up here.
Well. Gotta go get Vick up to greet the day and head for Brooklyn Alpacas down the road. Later friends!

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