Sunday, February 5

Sunday, February 05, 2012...Mutual Help Is Sure A Mutual Benefit To All......

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We have been working our tails off for the last two weeks helping friends accomplish things. These things would have caused our friend’s to pay someone else to perform them at either a higher price or they would have had to hold their breath until the work was completed, for fear of the dude starting and never coming back, performing at a less than suitable skill level as many do, or simply ripping them off PERIOD by running with their money and doing little, if anything!
Our friend on the farm did just that! He paid up good faith...only to have the guy perform substandard work and then...simply disappear with his money, never to be heard from again. We went in and finished the work for our friend, but could not recover his lost money for him and he really has no recourse to sue for recovery either. There are no records of anything.
Yesterday we went to our friend Judy’s house and removed a 1950’s style counter top and replaced it with a new simulated granite countertop with all the new fancy curves and glitter! She was ecstatic with the results and actually had the experience of helping update her own kitchen, paying a mere fraction of what it would have cost to call in a, she knew we would do everything correctly and make it look great. Today, we will finish up with some tile replacement around the base and order a corner hinged door from GNH lumber, which will complete the upgrade and we’ll install the doors as soon as they come in.
We like helping our friends save money and do away with incompetent contractors that take advantage of unsuspecting people, leaving them with an incomplete job and a horror story to tell about what it cost them to make it right again. I think it is so funny how Greene County requires electricians to be licensed and then you look at sloppy, sub-standard, non-code work these clowns perform, leaving disconnected “hot” wires sticking out of walls and in basements when they call the job complete. What a racket and disgrace! I performed electrical work of all types for thirty-seven years...teaching many of my employee’s electrical theory and procedures. Now I look at the work these “licensed professionals” perform and all I can do is shake my head in disbelief! Below are a few pictures of “professional” wiring I’ve been asked to look at and offer my advice as to what they should do.

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Sad isn’t it? I’m too old to play their licensing game here because there are still, to this day, no licensing of electricians in Pennsylvania, no is there tangible paperwork suitable for me to qualify to take Greene County’s stupid test. I say stupid test come the above pictures appear to be performed by a less than stupid person that passed their test and is certified to do this?????
They wanted me to work for five years as an apprentice for an electrician, just so I could then take their “stupid” test to be licensed to help friend’s who had been ripped off by their already licensed electricians...... NOT TODAY... or forever, for that matter. I will however make myself present and watch every move made by one of these Greene County elite electricians at our friends request, making sure to point out and squeal like a stuck pig, every time the guy does something sloppy, unethical or unsafe, thus...making him earn the hard earned money he is legally stealing from my friend!
And now... three days after the crumby news of a lousy six weeks of additional winter... which that stupid vermin in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania causes each Groundhog Day... we drag on, waiting for spring...enjoying the 50° days. I wonder how the trees and flowers know it isn’t really time to pop through the ground, because winter isn’t over. This stupid weather is the reason we lost our butts in the egg business, because the chickens all went into molt at differing times, overlapping one another, eating eggs and additional food from September through the time we decided to sell off our flock. We could never recover now anyway....We’re sunk! So...anyone looking for layer chickens, older chickens and Guinea or email us. Chickens are: year olds----$10. Ea......older hens & roosters----$5.00 Guinea Fowl are $20.ea.

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