Friday, May 11

Friday, May 11, 2012...Here From Yesteryear...Here To Stay Forever......

Yesterday I read a blog posted earlier by a friend which caused me to reflect on life... Life as it is today...and life as I knew it long ago! Following I conclude:

We live in such a precious, beautiful world... yet for the most part, we seem to focus on the negative around us. We get sucked in to the evil things in life, such as the world of politics, superficiality, materialism and the need to be something more.
People...we need to embrace life and not focus on the negative...but grasp unto all the wonderfully positive things that are going on in our world. We need to remember that the only way to leave this world is in peace. We need to promote love and peace daily. Often people say I can’t change the world alone. I believe that can! You positively CAN change this world for the better. If every person out there has the mentality that they alone, can change this world, then indeed, the world would become a better place by some measure...caused by their actions. It is inevitable that change has to occur when an action takes place!
Almost all of the people of our generation were hippies in some one time...and being a hippy was so much more than dancing around bare foot...wearing a headband. Girls with long flowing hair, headbands and long flowered dresses or hip huggers...wearing flowers in their hair, would twirl, sing and dance their way into our hearts. It was a way of life. You didn't choose to be a hippy, to love the world and those around you...the life chose us. You couldn’t help the way you thought and felt, you couldn’t help your mentality at that age. Life found us and we couldn’t ignore it. The world needed us! The world relied on us! Without our mentality...without us there to spread our love and positivity...the world would have never changed to what we made of it. Spread your love and spread the message of positivity. Unfortunately...recently we do not see enough of what we gave to the world of the sixties...and as a result of that, the evil of the world, overshadowed the aging love which we injected into everyday life back then. Perhaps the hippy revolution needs to return again today..for the worlds own good!
I was quite young then...sixteen to be exact...and I saw people around me that were so immersed in themselves, material possessions and their desired popularity. In that regard, little has changed today either...but we made a change back then and we continue to make changes today...some forty six years later. We need to send a message out to the younger generation, who feel what we did then... knowing they feel it in their own hearts, but don't know what to do about it. Much has changed about my thoughts and feelings about life, God and life ever after, so I grew in that regard. I hear people all the time saying that it is extremely difficult to be their self because they are afraid people will ridicule them if they choose to embrace her spirituality. We need to let our older generation, along with the younger generation, be encouraged to remain themselves and stick to their beliefs and morals. They need to be everything they want to be...and change the world for the better, as we did in those long ago years........ 
Woodstock Square today...visitors jamming and revisiting the 60's
As it always was...Across for the Square....Today

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