Thursday, May 10

Thurs. evening, May 10th...Hurray...We’re Back On Mid-Hudson...Death to Verizon...

I’m so very glad to report that blogging will now get back to normal again with the demise of Verizon today. We dumped them at a significant monetary loss because they bold faced lied to us about having FiOS (their fiber optics system) in our area and available to us. We were told later by a good source, that there is no FiOS anywhere in Greene County, NY.

We weren't on the Verizon system very long. It was taking us sixty three minutes to upload the last series of nine pictures I posted. It made blogging a read pain in the ass, as I was sitting in front of the computer for hours doing what took me twenty minutes usually. Nothing about Verizon is good. They are the worst company for service, help or promises. They tell you anything to get you to subscribe and then when you find out they don't deliver the promised service you spend the rest of your life talking to people in India or the Philippines. 
I won’t mind posting daily blogs again now, because I can do it in a timely manner and get back to the business of running the farm. Better blogs and more pictures..... Stay tuned.......

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