Friday, May 25

Friday, May 25th... The Further I Go...The More I Know...I Don’t Really Know...

Across the Pupskill Bay Lake Pond......
Update to the original post.... I cannot find the "big stack" of geneology papers I mentioned before... Now it's gonna be rough going with a few names and dates until I get some solid footing.... Stay tuned. 
I had what I thought was a family Bible, chalked full of obituaries for my Great Grandmother, great uncles, etc., so I naturally expected the births, marriages and deaths to be names of other family members. I now believe this is NOT a family Bible, but one that my Mom picked up somewhere along the way, over the years. The names are all the same last name...which is definitely not a name in our family.

Now it’s back to the drawing board and a secluded box in my closet upstairs, filled with pictures and documents from the old family picture bin. I know there are many obituaries in there, along with a big stack of genealogy papers from a cousin of my Mom, who also had the same Indian ties. She gave me a copy of the results of her search, so I will utilize what I know to be correct to use as a basis to begin my search through Ancestry.Com. Only time will tell what I can find out.
Yesterday we started the fence expansion for the turkey’s. I put the last round bale of hay in the corral for the boys, so I removed the hay spike and installed the post hole digger on the tractor. We poked the holes for the posts and installed them. We also finished the asparagus and melon raised Vick will begin the slow and tedious method of planting the asparagus roots.
Today, we are going to Washington county to pick up a 330’ roll of fencing for the east side fence by the garden. We can poke those holes and add the fences. We have already picked up the posts for there too, so we can get cracking on that and have all the yards and fields fenced and useable all summer long for the dogs to run and browse the alpacas on the lush, green grasses.
Gotta go...Vick can snap some pictures of the fence project and other farm related adventures........

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