Wednesday, May 23

Wednesday, May 23rd... Over There...Just the Other Side of Right Now...

Passing...Crossing over...Dying... Passing away...expiring or simply deceased...seems to be a loathed end to our existence her in this life. I say here in this life, because I completely believe and expect to go on with my souls destiny of forever being alive and living...for I believe our souls or spirit, if you will...never dies. This life and all we have learned throughout it...does not support any idea that one day everything will just stop...or that we simply vanish from existence, as if we were a puff of smoke, utterly dissolving into thin air....or decomposing into the earth.
I believe these bodies...which our souls inhabit, while here in this dimension, are sometimes expendable, which wears out or are sometimes used as pawns for the plans of our souls which are or can be altered by accidents and/or ill intent by fellow souls, struggling along the way, as we live our free will lives. I believe life on earth is a learning event for our souls as we work our way along God’s workshop of allowing us to choose our own destiny on our way to him.
Look around you. Would you truly think that we are here as a result of an accident...or any reason shy of a heavenly gift? There is such beauty in the world to much to learn...and such good for us to all achieve, that I cannot attribute my life, or yours to something that all of a sudden just ends. What about folks that live to be over one hundred years old? What about a new born that dies in birth...or a few hours about a child of two, or three or four? Am I to believe that God snatched that little person away, revoking their chance to live?
Or should I come to understand that God’s plan is constantly being altered and changed...taking these children, young tots, teenagers, young adults...or whomever is needed, playing a part in his ever changing plan. I believe it is an ever changing...ever improving and beautiful thing for all of creation and we will all share in it in the end.
Seeing things that cannot be explained....seeing things that only I know to be true, for these are things that no other living person would know...and it drives me to know in my heart, that God has a proven plan for us all. I read many books now that impact me as if a light switch has been flipped, allowing the light and answers to enter my mind. The more I read, the more answers fall into place and I understand better, all the questions of life I have pondered over in my time.
I have acknowledged souls around me...spirits who have visited...and felt there presence for years, but overlooked those feelings as imagination. Well not anymore...for I have seen too much...experienced too much and look for much more now. I am not concerned for the day when I will step through the threshold of death from this world...after the oracle of living has been reveled to me and I know I am destined to be re-united with family past and present one day. I am at peace and happy with my present existence, loving Vicki, friends and neighbors and existing in our present day lives of learning and helping each other prepare for that special day of commencement from the present to the apex creation of heaven.....

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  1. Skip, to comment on the light switch being flipped, allowing the light and answers to enter...., I'd like to say that you are not alone in feeling this. I, too, have been able to receive a similar enlightenment and not just me but many I speak to have been experiencing this new connection. I believe that there is a dramatic shift taking place on this planet and I am thankful to have met you and Vicki on my journey to enlightenment. M

  2. Hi Margaret...Welcome to my world! You and all others are invited to join in with what I have come to know as enlightening, truth and peaceful solitude. If you, or anyone else are interested, the books to start with are: Into the Light by Dr. John Lerma...Learning from the Light by Lerma also....Life on the other side by Sylvia Browne and many of her other books which are avialble on Kindle or paperback at Amazon. Most of these books have the "Look Inside" feature so you can see it before purchasing them. They are riveting, yet very soothing. Skip


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