Monday, May 21

Monday, May 21st... Understanding The Feelings of Many Times Over...Finally...

I knew...I always felt it and simply discounted it as a weird sensation of some sort. I always knew it was there...had a hunch it was that, but again, simply discounted it as my imagination. If you wish hard enough it will be, it is said, but this was different. 
I now know it was as I thought all along...and actually knew it was all along... for the moment I step into the forest, away from the yard and mowed grass...away from the buildings and domestic animals, I feel myself blending into the woods. I became apart of it...feeling it...smelling it...being it. I become a slinking, stalking animal...a predator, capable of using anything I picked up around me as a tool or a weapon. I always know where to stand, hunker down or perch to make myself obscure to anyone or anything around me, basically making myself invisible to man or beast.
I always see deer and turkey when afield. I know where they will be and I know where to go to flush them out...or simply stalk them, to watch them on their own turf. I can creep to within throwing distance...if I were to have a spear...for I learned to be patient and move only when I would not be observed in motion. I used to hunt and many deer have fallen prey to my arrow. I’ve crept to within twenty yards of bedded deer as they slept. I've watched their eye lashes twitch, as their noses betrayed me, when the breeze blew in their favor. I’ve had turkey jump onto the same log I was sitting on...and walk to within three feet of me before jumping off, unto the ground and walking around me...never knowing I was there.
I’ve stood still enoyugh in a tree to have chickadees land on my shoulder and hat...had nuthatches walk up my leg, to my arm and ended up setting on my shoulder before flying away, unaware that they were on a human...or caring for that matter.
I always thought I had those ancient traits of many of my forefathers in history...realizing a relationship with the earth, sun and wind...unlike those around me. I now understand those many times I stood shivering with my Mother as she hunted...standing on the top of her feet as we watched deer, so my feet wouldn't get so cold. I learned great things about the forest and it's creatures from my Mother from the age of four...until I could hunt at the age of twelve. My Dad taught me about the guns and reloading ammunition, but all the forest savy....the real knowledge of spiritual survival in the wild, came from my Indian. Now I know how she could stand so still and resist the freezing cold as she awaited her quarry. All these things, she was taught by her Grandfather. He was taught by his Mother, a full blooded Shawnee squaw, daughter to some great warrior of the era...and on and on and on as long as time has existed.
I now also understand the many feelings of spirits and the souls of those before me in the solitude of the forest, where I feel rather than think...know rather than see and understand rather than question.
My religious beliefs today parallel those of my ancestors and I now know why I never felt right in a church....for my Father and creator are in the world and my heart...not in a building.
When I walk from civilation into the wilds of the forest...I am entering the church of my forefathers and the great maker of all things good and pure. There, I am truly blessed!
I must take Vick, to teach her to see and hear the spirits dwelling in the heart of the forest and the hearts of all who went before us. She will fit right in and understand immediately when we cross the threshold....together

Yesterday we worked on the pool filter, hoses, etc., etc,.....and once finished installing all the stuff, started filling the pool with needed make-up water. It was then that I found this bug of incredulous size. It looks like a common beetle, but a really Nasty looking beetle. Anyone owning a pool will recognize how big this dude is by the comparison of it's size to the eyeball of the inlet water assembly on the pool side, which is about three inches across. This bug covered it as it held on! I assumed it had flown into the water at night and almost drowned...until latching onto the eyeball assembly. As soon as I put a stick there for it to cling onto, so I could remove it from the pool, it dove into the water and DIVED DOWN INTO THE EMERALD DEEPTHS OF THE POOL!!!!! Truly a creature of the deep.

I’ll be glad when the pool is cleaned and I can see what lurks in that water before swimming there again!
Poor ugly bug...hanging on to keep from drowning....

Think again...He dove into the depth of this green abyss........

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  1. Skip, How wonderful! Your post is filled with ancestry and discovery and is rich with American History-your native-american history. I relish the mystery and lure of the woods too and can only imagine how centered and at peace you must feel there. I can't wait to read your next book and I hope you have included your Native-American roots. M

  2. The next book is about Vick and I finding one another...starting the farm and everyday life. My third book (in the making) is about me at the age of twelve, kind of a life in the sixties thing. I have a fourth, also in the making, that is fictional. As soon as I can find iron-clad information about my Indian ancestry, I will probably write a book about my youth and how my life followed my Indian roots, unrealized by me at the time..... Skip


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