Monday, May 28

Monday, May 28th... Finding the Past is A Hard Row To Hoe...Digging Up Info...

Wow, Looks like the further I look...the more I find facts that say I knew a lot...a little less than I thought...and didn’t know as much I really might have, if my family cared to pass it on. In other words, what they did tell me was only half right. I did find that my G-G-Grandmother was actually a full blooded Indian of the Iroquois tribal branch known as the Mingo. The Mingo was a peaceful branch of the Shawnee tribe which split off when the other part of the tribe entered into the French and Indian war. Chief Talgayeeta (also known as Chief Logan) and Chief Kishacoquillas, were not interested in warring with the English and French, so they moved from the Shamokin area along the Susquehanna River, settling in the Brown Township area near present day Reedsville. They were known as the Mingo or “Wanderers” of the Shawnee tribe. Many wars were fought by the Shawnee and other Indian tribes as the Mingo’s remained neutral and friendly.
They remained peaceful until a band of white whiskey hunters found and murdered Chief Logan’s entire family. This ended the history of the "friendly Mingo" and began the history of the most unmerciful enemies of white expansion - the Mingo - a name that became synonymous with "hostile Indian". Logan and several others moved westward, toward Ohio, killing white settlers all along the route as an act of vengeance against his murdered family. At about this same time, a hunting party of Mingo were ambushed and killed at Captina Creek and Michael Cresap's group ambushed a trading party at Indian Short Creek. Lord Dunmore got the War he was asking for.
Later, on April 30, 1774, Jacob Greathouse, his brother Daniel, Joe Tomlinson, Edward King, Joshua Baker (Tomlinson's brother-in-law) and others (26 total) ascended Yellow Creek to Talgayeeta's (Logan’s) new town with the foreplanned intent of "killin' injuns". Talgayeeta and a large group were out hunting and the Greathouse party lured Talgayeeta's group to their camp on a ruse and slaughtered them from ambush.
Learning this...makes me I have this ruthless Indian blood (or at least some of it) coursing through my veins...and is this why I loath some people...seemingly for no reason, other than the fact that they are selfish and would steal the gold fillings from a dead man? Perhaps....perhaps not...who knows.
Anyway, I seem to find more and more about my Indian ancestry as I go and will share it with you all as I find out more and more about it.
Tomorrow morning I’ll post a blog entry with pictures of the fencing and others around the farm.

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  1. I wish I knew more about my ggg grandmother who was a full Creek Indian. All I have is a picture of her with (her) my family. Husband not on it. I think maybe that was when he was at War or after he died. He died in the war.He wrote a letter home when he was sick and no one ever heard for him again. I have a picture of him by himself before the war. I may have mentioned this before on your blog.


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