Wednesday, May 30

Wednesday, May 30th... Yesterday Even Blistered the Lake Waters Out Yonder...

Yes, yesterday was a real trip! We had 94° in the shade and animals searching all over for a comfortable place to hang out...waiting for the rain or sundown. We started off by removing the remaining vinyl on the outside runs, which we chose to not remove because of the cold weather not long ago, but yesterday’s scorching heat mandated it’s removal to allow some kind of ventilation inside the barns.
Once removed, we decided it too hot for our regular agenda of building fencing and today may even be too hot yet for that kind of foolishness, so we’ll improvise.
We went to Hudson yesterday, where we bought our pool, with a container of our pool water to be tested so we know what chemicals to add. Last year, we put about 35 gallons of chlorine in and could not get a reading. We finally took a water sample to Mike after pouring all that chlorine into the pool, that we had a high Phosphate level, eating our chlorine as fast as we were pouring it in. He gave us a bottle of liquid that we poured in and the chlorine instantly registered. We decided after that to go to Mike with a water sample first and let him tell us what to add.
We did add two five gallon jugs of chlorine to kill the green algae first, but need to add five gallons more and some algaecide after that. Mike will call us to tell us what our phosphate level is when he gets the test kits this week...and we can add the liquid if needed. After that it is simply scooping and vacuuming until it is crystal clear again.
We will also go to Greene County Horseshoe Supply for a ten foot gate today...then on to GNH Lumber for the needed hinges and eye bolts. As soon as the heat breaks, we will dive into the fencing again, finishing the turkey run expansion and the east field board and wire fencing. Below are pictures of the two areas we are going to fence.]
I am also continuing with my genealogy search for my Indian heritage. I have narrowed it down to a few possibilities...#1 being Mingo...a branch of the Shawnee or Iroquois tribe, residing in the area of central Pa. I found where they called my G-G-Grandmother Condron "squaw woman" because of her Indian heritage, long braids, and beads that she wore. Now I am searching beyond that, to find Susanah’s mother... my G-G-G-G-Grandmother Sarah Summers. I will search all the way back until both are full blooded Indian, then I will know how much Indian blood I have in me. Right now I lean toward the 1/16 number....not real heavy except in heart and nature. We’ll see where it ends up. Stay tuned.
The turkey run expansion...between the old fence and new posts
Front gate to east side pasture fencing
The posts are set all the way around to the existing fencing....

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