Saturday, June 2

Saturday, June 2nd... Shearing Day Has Arrived...and So Has The Rain......

We knew it was to rain today, so we put the boys in their stall last evening before it started...So now they are dry for shearing today. We’ll have pictures of both our farm and Phil and Shelly’s as the shearing progresses. We’ll do twenty-four alpacas there and then return to our farm to shear our seven guys.
Below are a few pictures of the fencing we finished last evening...working on it almost all day long, except for helping Ashley, our SUNY intern with cleaning the barn. She did a great job and the barn looks fresh and new. Thanks Ashley!!!!
Gotta go get ready for the shearing...have stuff to take to Phil and Shelly’s, so enjoy the pictures below and stay tuned for more tomorrow of the shearing......

Our plum tree...Jam on the way....
This is when we finished....after dark!

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