Friday, August 10

Fri. August 10th...What Has This American Society Come To Over The Years...

Hundreds of years ago...six hundred and twelve to be exact...our ancestors lived in blissful happiness as they coexisted together. They respected one another by not infringing upon one another within the small groups that represented community families. When the community grew too large, they understood that it was time for some of them to set off and create a new community. They would take elders, both male and female, young warriors and squaws, along with their children, to create this new band or community, which then allowed them to safely expand the new community without inbreeding and suffering the problems of overcrowding. The elders governed and supplied the knowledge of life and experience to the young as they prospered throughout the coming years. If they did not offer peace and understanding with neighboring clans....or overstepped their bounds, encroaching on each other, it ended in a bloody war between the tribal clans. This war was entered into only by the need for preservation of food and resources necessary for survival. Other than that, our American native ancestors lived in blissful coexistence, with minor skirmishes that were settled by individuals.

That is, until the European settlers arrived during the fourteen hundred’s with their disease, greed and desire to kill anything or anyone in their path.
This greed and desire to own, has continued until today without fail...and I fear it will continue until the end of time.
If the United States and these descended European invaders do not wise up and take back what they came here and stole from the American Indian, they will forfeit it unto another invader, becoming the same prisoner as the American Indian... living on their own reservation, if lucky...or simply killed, as the many Indians of the past. We are becoming so complacent and lazy that these invaders will take what they want with little resistance or fight. Oh yeah, there are a few that will fight like Chief Crazy Horse and the few Indians who would not give up, but just as they lost in the end, so will today’s Patriot, unless those of us that care band together to stand strong and vigilant.
Over the many years of my longevity and my families existence...there has been a lot of fights for survival and answering to the call of freedom in many ways. The bottom line for any is that they should not have fought, suffered or died in vain. We simply cannot just stand idle and allow America to vaporize before our tearful eyes. Perhaps it is time for all Patriots to unite and strike off into a new clan of Americans as the Indians of the past have done.
They say the happiest people on the earth today is not the American Indian. They are among the saddest people, living in depression, alcoholism and drug abuse. Why? Because they have lost their will to live because of constant oppression and poverty due to still being under our governments thumb.
No...the happiest people are the Amish, because they do not mingle with the English or government any more than they have to. They keep to their self, help one another, fund one another and care for the elderly and sick, as the elderly offer wisdom and guidance for the younger members of their communities. When the community becomes too large, a select number of the group moves on and establishes a new community somewhere else, with elders and young adults and children. In time, members from these new groups find one another and new life is again created and they prosper. I believe the same can be said for the group know as The Twelve Tribes.
The problem as I see it is that these two communities, being selectively segregated by their own will, will remain weak in the reality of defending themselves against the previously mentioned invaders of America, falling prisoner to them as easily as the rest of the American population if the true Patriots fail to rally together and save the United States. Patriots come from every state in America, the four branches of the military and a select few in government, but unless we join forces, we will be defeated...just as surely as Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse were years ago when they failed to rally all Native Americans to defend themselves. How very sad that history might repeat itself again...............

Today, Vick and I drove 143 miles round trip, up into Washington County, to have our twenty-six meat chickens slaughtered and processed, so we can sell them to our customers here on the farm. We could have them possibly processed closer to twelve miles, if they are still open...but the place is filthy and I don’t like their process of torturing and killing. The place we went today was clean and their method of killing and processing was humane for the birds. Yes it adds cost, but I know the facility is clean and spotless. The birds are bagged, weighed and priced with our farm name on them. They will be ready to sell in three days, after they have rested in the refrigerator.

Tomorrow we will finalize the new turkey house with a receptacle and light bulb. Then we will begin work to replace the octagon windows on both sides of the fireplace with nice new, double hung windows we bought from Lowe’s. We’ll post pictures of before and the new turkey house.

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