Saturday, August 11

Saturday, August 11, 2012...Another Day at the Cluckin’ “A”...Fixin’ & Buildin’...

Good morning to all our lady and gentlemen followers of the daily antics from the Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm!
This morning I went to the side deck with a cup of coffee after leaving the dogs back into the house upon completion of their morning constitutional and farm security check. LOL... They all act as if they must check for illegal animal entries onto their turf before returning to the house to further slumber along side Vick until she arises each morning.
Once they returned to la la land, I found myself sitting on a comfy chair on the rear deck, with my Kindle keyboard reader...but for the moment, I chose to lay it aside to drink in the sounds of dawn and the coming day's commencement. Closing my eyes, I listened to all the sounds around me, finding that eventually one, turned to two, then three and so on until I was completely engulfed by the sounds of nature around me. I continued to dive deeper and deeper into my psyche until I was immersed in a deep state of relaxation which is the best attitude and behavioral control you can attain, giving yourself that needed release from the worlds problems and stress. I particularly needed the relaxation, for I had slept poorly, suffering from indigestion and acid reflux due to too many sweet tomatoes and a glumpy dough meat pie I had afterward. I am also bothered by a foot cramp many times during the night, which requires getting out of bed to stand on it, or it will not stop curling my foot in an unnatural, painful position, so all evening long I was burping or jumping up and walking.....BUMMER!!!!!

Today we are going to finish the turkey house with the addition of a light and receptacle so we can see at night and have electric for a bucket warmer in the wintertime. After we complete that and I repair the one pole lamp at the front of the barn, we will start replacing the ugly “eye Ball” octagon windows on both sides of the fireplace if the weather isn’t threatening rain. Vick hates them because it makes the fireplace look like an old man, with the two windows looking like eyes, the heatalator being the mustache and the fireplace opening the mouth. She has quite an imagination, but has also convinced me to see it every time I look at it now too. The solution....remove the octagon windows and install the double hung windows we purchased at Lowe’s, specifically for today’s activities. Below you’ll see the before photos, both inside and out. As soon as it is completed, I’ll download the after pictures to this same blog post, so check back later......

The two octagon windows come out...regular windows go in....
See how it looks like an old man with a moustache?

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