Wednesday, August 8

Wednesday, August 08, 2012...What A Couple Of Months It’s Been......

Today is my Dad’s eighty-fifth birthday and I can’t do anymore than call him. We are planning to make the trip to visit him soon though, so I’ll call and wish him a happy birthday until I can get down there to visit and take him some Kentucky Fried Chicken or something he is allow to have. Happy birthday Dad!!!!!!!!!
As you the last weeks of July, my youngest daughter Joanne and my two grandsons, Gage and Lucas...came to visit for the weekend, bringing my long time friend and her mother-in-law...Paula to visit. We had a great time visiting and talking about old times and the present. Grilling goodies and swimming....
Yesterday, my Son Joe, wife Christina...daughters Logan and Ava and twin sons Alex and Brayden left after spending Sunday evening through Tuesday afternoon her for the first time. We had a time to remember, as they too kicked back to relax and enjoy life here on the farm the same way his sister did last month. The kids and girls swam and Joe and I sipped some good wine and talked the afternoon away, grilled burgers and roasted corn later and had a marshmallow fire for Smores before retiring for the night. Logan gathered eggs for me and loved the animals that she could catch up to, but was a bit leery of Max the Llama because of their reputation for spitting....but loved him all the same. It was a grand visit as the pictures show.
I love when my kids come, bringing the grandchildren, because I can see them melt into the quiet lifestyle and enjoy every minute, as they kick back and simply live their lives, knowing they are excepted here for what they are and not what society expects them to be. Loving and living is a great way of life to bestow upon your kids.......

Brothers pushing their sister on the swing...

Logan, lovely lady slipping into the farm girl mode....

Looks like she slide right in there...Hi farm girl!!
Joe, my son with Ava and Alex

Another happy farm girl....A farm boy too!

Me, Logan, Joe & ava (back), Alex, Brayden & Christina in front

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  1. How wonderful for all of you. It is so good to see you and your beautiful family enjoying the farm. All those happy faces, love it!


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