Saturday, October 27

Saturday, October 27, 2012…

All we are hearing about is the “Frankenstorm” that is to hit here either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday….Who Knows? They certainly don’t!!!! We have heard that it will be nothing but wind…and we’ve heard that it will be ten times worse than Irene was last year. In any event…and not wanting to sound as if I have no concern for others, we have our emergency generator in place and it can run around the clock, for days…so we’re really not all that concerned. (Again…a figure of speech) Today…it is to be nice, so we’re opening the hospice gift shop as planned. We will be opening it every weekend until Christmas if possible and people keep coming and the weather doesn’t turn snowy and nasty. I see the hunters are getting ready for deer season. At least some butthole was over at our neighbors house this afternoon…blatantly parked in his driveway, where he has been warned not to park and not to venture out into the woods to hunt, acting as if the property was his, rather than Tony’s. I took several pictures of the truck…his license plate and the registration from the windshield and will give it to Tony as soon as he comes up from Queens, where he lives. He has already told the guy that next time, he was taking him before a magistrate and filing charges for trespass, so now I guess it will automatically be defiant trespass. Some people never learn and give all decent hunters a bad name. They say the coming storm will probably have a negative impact on the election voting on the sixth. ? Why? The election will be a full week beyond Wednesday, which is to be the final day of the storm. Surely…we can have an election without using a week old storm as an excuse for poor turnout…especially this year when it is so very, very important that everyone vote. The future of America is riding on the results of this election…it always does in any election, but this year in particular. Get out there and vote…but don’t just vote to vote! Know what and who you’re voting for. Look at the issues…the promises…the platform and the records of the candidates. Whoever wins this election will make or break the world we live in! Don’t vote with a light head, make sure you know what you’re doing. Well, gotta go feed and release the critters, and then open the gift shop. But first, I have to take a run out to place the signs at the end of the road and at the town intersection… Later folks…
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