Thursday, November 29

Yesterday I attended my appointment with Dr. Lozman at 10:00 AM to find he was pleased with my progress. He ordered the staples removed and an x-ray of the knee taken. He said he was pleased with the x-rays and said he was giving me a prescription for external physical therapy to begin Monday in Greenville. I have one more appointment with Diane today around noon, and then a weekend break. I will keep moving and exercising myself though, because even overnight, the knee wants to become stiff as the muscles which were cut during the operation continue to heal. It is painful…but others have done it and so will I. Yesterday, after returning from the doctors, I hooked up the bale carrier and Vick and I placed a new round bale in the barnyard, to the pleasure of the boys. Vick did most of the work moving the bale frame from the old location to place it around the new bale. Today, we need to do some repair work on the upstairs doors toward the back end of the barn. They have warped and drooped to the extent that they will no longer close properly. Vick picked up a pair of gusset turn-buckles which we will install on both doors. They will allow adjustment to draw the doors back to a square condition and allow them to close properly. Below are a few pictures of us moving the hay around yesterday....

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  1. That knee is looking good! I know you were glad to get outside and do a couple of things. I know Vicki was glad to see you there also.

    1. Thanks Helen, the knee is doing fine. Now all I have to do is keep those ol' muscles around it stretched and working until everything they cut heals good as new. I was getting a bit bored for sure...but it sure doesn't take much to poop you all out either.


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