Wednesday, January 23

Wow, As if yesterday wasn’t bad enough... this morning I awoke to four below zero. The dogs were not happy to go out to do their business at all this morning. They did reluctantly go though and made it back to the door in record time. You know…Animals are much smarter than we give them credit for, because on a morning such as this, they understand that the sooner they finish with their business, the sooner they will be back in their warm beds.
Once again I checked the pellet stove to make sure it was burning at its optimum efficiency, but still had to turn on the backup heat from the oil burner in the basement. They are calling for record cold with this Arctic front which is coming down across from Nova Scotia, sweeping all across the New England states and merging with two other low fronts crossing over central Pennsylvania. They are predicting record cold for the remainder of this week, which means we will be on our toes providing water, food and lots of hay for the animals. We may even have to mount several more infra-red heaters in some locations for the overnight lows. At least the animals can congregate around and under these lamps which give great warmth in a large area. They are nice because they heat the animal and not the air.

  I did manage to get some more pictures for today, including the finished glasswork I showed you in process. Vick also made several other pieces, which I am including... Enjoy!
Original watercolor under glass, with leaded pine cone & needles
Curtains, candles and cat between leaded glass....
A patient spider gets it's quarry.....

FINISHED...Charlotte's Web and Ol' Wilbur
There will be lots of clean-up before we can mow grass.....
Tree limbs that fell from last week's high winds....
Ducks in cold water and lovin' it!!!
They're in this water all day long....
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