Sunday, April 7

April 7th…Happy Birthday Sunday for Vick…

Today is Vick’s birthday! I awoke her this morning to a breakfast in bed of her favorite, Crème of Wheat and a homemade birthday card. I did that just before going out to feed and water the animals so I could release them for the day.

We have one little duck that is sick and probably won’t make it too much longer. It was walking in circles a few days ago, but now it cannot stand up without losing its balance and falling over. Sad, but that’s farm life. We have ducks that are five years old, but this one is about two or so.

Our English rabbit, Whuzzie is not eating and drinking like he should either, but acts normal in every other way. I fear that he won’t be acting normal if he doesn’t start eating and drinking again. Whuzzie is six years old now, so it can’t be old age…at least I wouldn’t think so.

I opened the hospice gift shop and had one customer that was simply browsing…not buying, but we did sell her some eggs, along with a bunch of other people that stopped in.

We met some new friends that stopped in for a truck load of alpaca poo…and they were happy to receive it by me loading their truck with the tractor rather than having to load it with pitch forks…so they will positively be back for more when they need it. We meet and make new friends weekly it seems…something both Vick and I love to do.

In another ten minutes we will close the gift shop for another weekend and go to the Barbeque Barn in Leeds for Vick’s actual birthday dinner.

Friday, we went to Tatianas Italian Restaurant in Catskill, where we had their Zuppa di Pesce which is delicious!!!! Tonight will be lite fare…

Below are pictures snapped around the farm…some yesterday afternoon and some of the morning’s sunrise, pictures from Tatianas and a dish Vick made….  

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