Sunday, April 14

Its Sunday…noon and I apologize for missing Saturday, but we have friends visiting from Jersey. Joey, his mom Shirley and Dennis are here to see the farm and relax for the weekend. We just finished breakfast and have had a wonderful time chatting and visiting.

For the fifth week, we have opened the hospice gift shop and had only one visitor that basically stopped because they were just curious to see what we do. No one has bought anything for over five weeks, but it sure isn’t because we haven’t had the shop open.

We just received a big box of beautiful things from our friend Isabelle who lives in Florida. She sends us things she donated for the hospice gift shop and she has really outdone herself this time with knitted pocketbooks, scarves, gloves and other assorted items that are beautiful and always in great demand. Below are a few pictures of them…  

 The animals are out, but aren’t as happy as before. There were snowflakes flying this morning and it has remained cold off and on all day long. Most of the chickens and ducks will mill around and eat, then sit down and stuff their heads under their wings and stay there until dark. They don’t move around a lot in the cold. The ducks do however swim in the lake, while the chickens go back into the coop and roost like intelligent critters. When it’s warm and sunny, they are all out and active until dark.  

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