Tuesday, April 16

Yesterday we went to Delmar for Vick’s acupuncture appointment with Jordan, which we cannot do without. Ever since Vick has been going to Jordan, her circulation and feeling in her feet has been returning and the jabbing pains in her feet that made her scream in pain in the middle of the night has gotten much better…in fact, she has not been screaming out for a long time and the cramps and Charlie horse attacks are much less in duration too. When Vick was done with Jordan, we went to Crossgates Mall, stopping in at the Apple store to have Vick’s iPhone fixed or replaced. She was losing her sound intermittently from time to time. When it went, it went completely…keyboard sounds and music or video sound was gone too. It would then come back at some point, but when it was gone, Vick was missing texts and emails because she couldn’t hear them coming in. They replaced the speaker system in the phone and before we got out of the parking lot, it died again. Back in we went…and the messed with it some more, then ordered a new one which we will go get next Monday.
Oh well, Monday she gets a new phone no matter what. Thank God, mine doesn’t have any problems, because I don’t have the apple insurance on mine, so it would cost me dearly.

As you know, we had visitors over the weekend, but before that we took the car to Vermont for service. I forgot to post some funny pictures of a red gate lane, which you will be as funny to you as it was for Vick and me when you see it. It’s a red gate to nowhere in a field lot. The next one is a covered bridge to nowhere too. Obviously they changed the road to get a better grade on the road, way above the creek instead of going down to the creek and then all the way back up to the top of the ridge where the road crosses over.
The last picture is of a beautiful four story house from the colonial era. The windows are exactly what Vick and I like and want to put in our barn and farm store this summer. I can almost imagine a candle in every window and a horse in the back shed and being in the year 1776. Got to go, the cleaning helper is coming soon…..
Nice gate to somewhere...I see why they named the road that

Same gate....only looking the other way...Uh wait a minute...

I see the road...But where does the gate lead?????

Red Gate lane is in line with top of the flagpole. Not to far away...

The bridge to nowhere on the other side.....

My idea of a beautiful house...colonial as they come...

I could live here in a heartbeat...I love it

Sunbday in the morning, it was snowing!
You can see the snow building up on the yellow bag...

You can see some of the bigger flakes here

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