Friday, April 12

On the Road Again....Glad it was yesterday!!

It’s like winter again out there…32° and raining hard. We had a freeze warning in effect according to the weather channel for this morning. It’s over now, but still dang cold out there. I spent the entire morning loading new pictures to Pinterest, on our site which you can visit at the following safe website:

It’s such a cool site…it gives us a chance to show people the farm and about our life, all in one small spot. There is a tone of information and pictures in this one spot which makes it almost like you have visited the farm. It is GREAT! Check it out…
We will not leave the animals out today, because they will only sit around with their heads under their wings anyway…and the chickens won’t even come out for a minute, before they would all go back inside, (chicks are smart) so why even let them out? I would have to chase ducks all over hells half acre this evening to get them in. Rain, night crawlers and getting ducks in just doesn’t mix. They only run around in circles…all in different directions picking night crawlers, not wanting to go in.

I’ll spend the day doing work around the house (inside) and on the computer. Here are a few pictures from yesterday’s trip. Unfortunately, I am not real good ant remembering to snap pictures, so bear with me until I get better, because these are only a sample of where we went yesterday. (Vick is as bad as me for remembering.) We stopped in Bennington, VT to get our car serviced and then we went on to Jackson, NY where we had lunch at the Burger Den Restaurant. Our original trip, after getting the car serviced was to visit Pam at Deluge Designs in Cambridge, NY. Vick needed to pick up some stained glass and other stuff for Vick’s latest art project, “The Universe…in all its glory”. From Pam’s place, we traveled home. It was a full day of fun, but lots of driving.  

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