Sunday, June 23

All In A Day’s Work…here Around The Farm…

Yesterday started as any other, with the exception of Joey cranking up the garden tractor and hooking the trailer on to head back to the trailer to load up boards for the day’s project. He was up and at em at 8:30…back to the barn by 8:45 and ready to go. We set up the DeWalt compound saw, compressor, nailer and other needed accessories and we were nailing boards on the upper level of the barn by 9:00!

Joey was a great help since I can’t get on my knees anymore and Vick isn't comfortable with the heavy framing nailer and boards on the ladder either... You need to hunker down or get on your knees on the metal roof to nail the boards on, so that was out for me…and it was almost impossible to stand on that slippery roof once the metal was hot. Sneakers just did not hold without slipping, so it was like a ski slope. Later in the evening, when the sun went down and the roofing cooled. Joey walked all over it without slipping. We still need to do the front and rear of the barn, change the hinges on the doors so they open in instead of out and finish the office wall by the tree. Another day…another adventure! See the pictures below for what we did yesterday. 
 equipment all set up for Vick to operate
 The boards installed by window
 Ready to do the part above roof
 Left-overs...good for bird houses!
 this side done above roof...
 Joey doing the back side above roof...

Today…who knows just yet? If the heat isn’t too bad, I believe maybe I’ll cut up the long trees at the fire site, remove most of the billets and cut the bench for Vick. She wants a long bench cut from a log, placed on billet blocks for out along the pond. The large paper wood tree will work nicely for that and there will be no sticky pitch from it. It’s not good for much else. (Especially since we're not making any paper!)

Vick help cut the wood and watch the hospice gift shop while I cut some and help cleanup. The rest of the day will be spent doing whatever, until 4:00 when we close the gift shop and head to Cobleskill Tractor supply for a wiring harness, tire, wheel and new jack stand for our trailer that was burnt up in the fire. (More work!!) Once the new wheel and tire are on, the wiring replaced and jack stand installed…we'll get outdoor plywood and place it in on top of the charred boards and install front and side boards measuring two feet high all around, making a removable end gate. We will then be able to use the trailer for stone and mulch without worrying about losing it like on the old trailer. (More Work!!!!)

Oh well….what else do we have to do until we die anyway?

The last picture is a hoot…We went into the bunny brothel last night to put the animals in for the night, feed and water them. As we opened the door to enter, we were met with this scene and a look from the duck as if to say, “What??? Haven’t you ever seen a duck taking his Saturday night bath?”  What you don’t see on the farm………


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