Thursday, June 27

We Have A Constant Need To Do Stuff Here, CONSTANTLY…

Yesterday, we went to Kingston for a few things we needed and had lunch at Vick’s favorite place…the Kingston Wok.

We always enjoy eating there, especially during the lunch special time. We both eat…and leave full for less than twenty bucks. While down there, we stopped at Adam’s which is always a treat for us. We see flowers that you cannot see in other places and enjoy the great foods and treats available there. I got a delicious watermelon and some not so good licorice. We can buy Voortman’s cookies there in bulk, which is far cheaper than by the package. I enjoy their vanilla wafers and oatmeal cookies. Vick grabbed a couple beautiful flowers and a cookie or two. Below are a few pictures taken while there. Now you can see why we like to stop there.


When we got home, I went to Fort Apache with a tire iron, the new trailer wheel and tire loaded in the tractor pull the trailer out of the weeds, into the open where I could work on it to replace the burnt wheel and tire. NOTHING goes smooth, that’s for sure, because I ended up pulling the hub and bearings. I would have done that to clean and re-lubricate the bearings anyway, but because two of the lugs spun in the hub, I ended up removing the hub and bearings early. I had to torch off the two spinning studs to trash the old wheel and now need to replace the studs and nuts. That is easy though, because they simply punch out and new ones are quickly installed. Once I get the wheel repaired and the new tire on, I’ll flip the trailer on its side and replace the melted wiring and light fixtures and then it will be ready for the road again.

Somewhere along the line, I will install ¾” outdoor plywood on the inside and make 2’ high side walls and end gate for hauling stone and mulch, or whatever we need to haul. We will be able to place a tarp on with strategically located eyelets to tie down the tarp. The trailer will actually be worth more to us when done than it was before. Watch for pictures of this process of repair.
I may also call county dispatch to see if I can do a controlled burn today and save the trailer repair for later. I could burn the remains of my tractor shed before the rain comes and repair the trailer later today. We'll see what happens.....

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