Saturday, September 21

Moving Further and Further Toward Fall…Soon We’ll Be There…

Yes, soon…like in another thirteen and a half hours, it will officially become fall. Everything is right on schedule this year. The weather is typical of fall, in that it is chilly at night and hot during the day. We can start a fire on the rear deck in our fireplace and enjoy roasting marshmallows and making mountain pies, yet run around all day long in short sleeves. About the time we need to put the animals in for the evening; we need to don the ol’ flannel shirt or shiver until we get back into the house. This is the time of year I love the most. Oh yeah…we all look forward to springs arrival after the long, cold and miserable winter. You know…we all even look forward to seeing the first snowflakes flying. Once we see flurries, it seems to usher in the holiday festivities each year too. Of course, everyone looks forward to summer’s arrival. We all look forward to those family cook out’s and parties…swimming and such, but I simply LOVE fall with its bright colored leaves, the smells of  apples, hay and all the other outside fragrances only experienced during those HUGE orange harvest moons as they clear the horizon. The rustle of dry leaves in the wind at night before they fall from the trees has always signaled the Halloween arrival of all the fall celebrations we love so much; the sheep and wool festivals, Oktoberfest celebrations everywhere and the apple festivals with all the goodies. Yes, autumn is my favorite time of the year…and we are beginning it right now, with almost everything finished that we needed to complete before its arrival.
Below are a few pictures…some of the finished tractor shed… with tractor, backhoe, the posthole digger and four tons of wood pellets in place. And then there are another two of Vick’s new skirting and fiber drying table we built yesterday. She can now pick and skirt fiber fleeces without bending over...and after washing the fiber, place it on the rack to allow it to air dry in the sun. The top can be used to contain the fiber on a windy day, or can be used as a second tier for fiber on a calm, sunny day.
Oh yeah…last but not least is our new logo for the farm gift shop when we turn it into a Farm and fiber store soon…We think we will get some shirts made with this on the back and maybe the mountain/alpaca logo on a pair of hats….

Mission accomplished!

 We can place this on a shirt as a silk screen
This would be reserved for a hat

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