Thursday, September 19

We Wonder Why People can’t Learn From Smart Animals…

All too many times we see people go through the same things…over and over again until there is nothing left and everyone and everything involved is exhausted and things crumble into dust and memory. I talk about kids. Now we all know that kids are the future…our only way of carrying on within a society and mankind overall. We must have kids or we will simply cease to exist. Knowing this to be a truthful statement, I must also add that if as parents, we do not properly mold and guide our children, they will devour us in their lust for life and all that life has to offer.
See…our children must be taught that there are certain things necessary for them to become productive, upright citizens and human beings in this world. All too many times there is a lack of training…and the remaining product is a child that wreaks havoc on themselves and all those around them. They remain unguided as things become worse until they are completely un-manageable and become a plague on family, friends and society in general. The funny thing is that when this happens…even then…the parents of these spawn are clueless to their involvement in the problem as they walk in circles crying, “Woe  is me…Woe is me…”
Living here on the farm affords us an opportunity to live and learn while watching wildlife and the farm animals in action. Take the life of a Canadian wild goose for example. They grow up amongst their parent’s watchful eye until the end of their first season, leave to winter wherever…and return with their parents the next spring…coming to the spot of their birth (or hatching). They stay a day or two to rest and eat before Mom and Dad run them off…chasing the kids away to begin a new life by finding a mate somewhere on a new lake or marsh. They take a mate and begin a lifelong courtship. Finally a nest is prepared and they begin to amass a clutch of eggs…one daily as they go about their business of living, eating, mating and laying an egg…covering it with grass and feathers, until the clutch is the size they desire. The female then sits on the nest continually until the eggs hatch twenty-eight days later. They protect them with their lives against predators and the weather…teaching them to swim, dive, hide…everything necessary to survive. They grow and grow until one day they can fly to other ponds and grass fields where they live and thrive with Mom and Dad, always returning to their “home” area, until late in the fall, they depart for somewhere in the south to escape winter. In the spring they return to their “home” body of water again with Mom and Dad. They are there for a day or two and are driven off to start their adult lives as Mom and Dad the year before. This is the circle of life I refer to often…and it goes on and has gone on since the beginning of time…and it works well, until Mom and Dad fail to chase them off to fend for themselves. Get the point? You and your significant other need to continue your lives and let your kids do the same.
Spend time with your kids teaching them manners, principles and how to survive life and enjoy it. Some people learn these things right off the bat…some of us are a little late in learning and some people never learn this in their entire lifetime and that is sad for both them and their children when they can’t think for themselves or survive when Mom and Dad are gone. For the's never to late to learn and make amends...for the kids, it's tough love...but they DO learn in time and that will change their lives in the future. Older people will cheer this post...younger people will scorn me, but I speak the truth which all will agree with in time.......    

Today we will begin to attack the Bilco doors. We’ll go for materials needed and begin the repairs as soon as we can do it all at once. We will plot the method of repairs and how to, once and for all…stop the leakage of rain and snow run-off water from the basement entrance.

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