Sunday, October 13

A Day Of Rest Is In Order For Us All…Vick And I Especially…

Yesterday we started off by updating records in QuickBooks. Believe me, I learned my lesson last time and I’m entering receipts almost every day now. I finished that up while Vick released, watered and fed the animals…and then we entertained several customers as they owed and awed over Allie the donkey. We sold eggs, honey and soaps and talked for several minutes with each person stopping, so it wasn’t long until we were looking at lunch time.
We ran a few errands and stopped for some groceries, had a dinner/lunch combo and then went to work cleaning the meat bird house which I thought Josh was cleaning all along. He obviously only cleaned it the one time I asked him to do it and not since, so I have to impress that ALL pens and coops or barns need cleaned unless we say not to bother. It took us a mere fifteen minutes to clean, spray deodorizer and put new wood chips down. There was little left we could do when we finished that, so we just hung around until it was time to put everyone away and come into the house.  
We have a bunch of tools to put away which are still locked in the truck. We began the deck project on Wednesday for our friend’s Phil and Shelly of Brooklyn Alpacas down the road. We had the deck itself up and all the deck boards on by the end of the first day. Thursday we labored late into the evening finishing up supports, boards and edges, installing posts and railings to be ready for the balusters on Friday. Friday we started and hit it hard, finishing the balusters and top boards of the railing just as Phil and Shelly left for the city for a wedding. That was perfect, because Shelly was very happy with the deck, but wasn’t to see the full length bench we were installing on the end, which was a surprise from Phil to Shelly, so after they left, we flew into the construction of the bench. I had all the pieces pre-cut and ready, so it didn’t take long to finish up. Check it out…We think it’s great! 
 First day progress. The old deck was just where the stuff is piled.
 Phil's surprise for Shelly....the bench!
 The old posts and dark boards are the original deck.
  If it were me....Now I'd want a roof...

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