Wednesday, October 16

Too Bad Everyone Can’t See The Forest For The Trees…

What a way to start ones day! Opening the door to leave the excited, anxious dogs out, I immediately embraced my own delight with the harvest season. The fragrance of fall leaves, the smell of apples and the cut hay in round bales just beyond the back yard fence permeated my senses, making me breathe in deeper with each breath until I could no longer hold more of the pleasantries. The chill in the air combines with those smells and the colors of amber, gold, and… oh Jeeze um, why do I try to describe a palette of beautiful colors that are impossible to recreate in your mind’s eye? God’s beauty at this time of the year cannot ever be recreated in paintings, pictures or mere description. One must be there to experience the beautiful colors as they change with the intensity of light. Couple the colors with the crispy air rattling leaves and delivering the many harvest smells and you can understand why this season is the favorite of Vick and me.
Yesterday we delivered our fourteen silver cockerel broilers to the Garden of Spices Farm, on the outskirts of Greenwich for slaughter and processing which will give us free range chickens for use throughout the winter months. As a bonus, we enjoyed the beautiful foliage all the way to and from our destinations and had a lovely breakfast in Greenwich while waiting for the chickens. We stopped at two antique shops after breakfast to look for an old dressing screen or three or four tall old shutters for Vick to transform into quaint yarn holders for the farm store. We didn’t find anything; at least not what we needed, but the one place did have two shutters for $30.00…if only he had a third or fourth one.         
Once home, with our meat birds tucked in the refrigerator to rest for two days before freezing, I worked with Josh around the farm as Vick painted a seal coat on the Bilco door’s cement blocks we replaced a few weeks ago. Today I will finish clean-up around the doors, removing old block, wood and some cardboard boxes, etc.
Maybe after that, we can install the little steel cable and hook on the new barn light which will support it when the snows come and pile on top of the light. That will only take a few minutes…with the ladder placement taking the longest.
We have a tarp barrier to hang at the tractor shed, where the wood pellets are stored too, so perhaps we can investigate how we will hang that in a manner which will prevent wind damage to the barrier, yet allow us access to the pellets. I believe an inside barrier will be needed also or the snows will swirl around inside the building and accumulate on the pellet bags.
Oh well…regardless of what we will do today, enjoying the harvest season’s sights and smells will only sweeten the pot.   

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