Monday, October 21

This Coming Week, Month, Year...My Friends...My Kids...My Wife...My Life...

What a beautifully blusterous, cold fall day. The temperature this morning was sitting at 32° and with the wind gently blowing, it immediately sent a chill up my spine and reminded me that Christmas is only sixty-five days away and the beginning of winter is only sixty-one days away…That is when we will be looking for March 20th (spring 2014) to then quickly arrive. Seems as though we spend our lives looking ahead, always waiting for something to arrive or happen. Perhaps we should begin working on the present…enjoying what is at hand, rather than looking forward to what will be.
People live their lives like this in many respects, for they miss the beauty of today and the company they are with to zero in on what lies ahead. Next week is an event I am awaiting…so I’ll worry about that and miss the beautiful sunshine today. I’ll wonder and worry about my health this coming year rather than enjoy the good health I have today. Maybe I’ll worry when I’ll be and what I’ll be doing next spring, rather than enjoy my wife’s company today by visiting somewhere special and enjoying our lives. Maybe I’ll worry about when I will die and how it will happen, so I can truly destroy what time I have left and waste the joy and love I can experience until this old body wears out and my soul moves on, stepping out of the biological body and crossing over to live in another dimension. Our time on this earth is measured and defined prior to our birth and our journey will not stray from the designated route we chose to follow when we wrote our chart of life in this world. Have we learned our lessons…those we chose to experience in this world? Have we grown and expanded our love and understanding that we were meant to achieve? If not we can always come back and do it over again…you know, like the murderers in prison. Putting them to death for their crimes is like handing them a “get out of jail free card” for God will forgive them and simply make them redo the course, if you will. All souls will one day complete their learning and reside with the creator forever…but they must experience and learn and grow to be a soul worthy of sitting in God’s heaven. That folks is what this life is all about. Giving, loving, sensing, caring and living forever in peace. We will all get there one day when our living and learning is complete. If one’s will is to never change…then ones will is to look ahead and never learn or get to tomorrow. Live today and tomorrow will come soon enough.

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