Wednesday, October 9

A Day Of Sunshine Cures A Ton Of Woes And Work……

Yesterday Alana was delivered to the farm. She is as cute as a button and just as loving. Vick of course immediately created a bond that cannot and will not ever be broken between the two. She brays as soon as she lays eyes on Vick walking her way and she nuzzles and cuddles to you leg when she isn’t exploring her surroundings. She has been quiet all evening long and as soon as the sun comes up; I will venture out to make sure she is okay this morning.
Josh came before she arrived, so we jumped into cleaning the entire barnyard of accumulated do-do which needed done for a few weeks now. We cleaned the run-in shed earlier and lowered the water bucket hook and filled the hay container. The guy we bought her from was impressed with the area she would be temporarily living in, saying it would be more than adequate for her to say there forever.
Within a few hours, she was queen of the barnyard though as she ambled around as if herding the alpacas, Llama and the sheep. They were all afraid of her once one of them approached her and she turned her butt to them and gave a little kick. After that, she commanded the barnyard and everything in it. I suppose within a few days, they will all be friends and running together. Below is the picture from this morning….She was surveying her corral and happy.


Also with these pictures are two of Vick’s garden creations. I simply ask her what in the world was she planting to get something like this?????

 X rated produce?????

Ohhh Yeah.....
Today we will begin the deck construction for our friend’s Shelly and Phil. They now have a little deck of 8’ x 8’, which is very crowded with four chairs and a BBQ grill. When we are finished, the deck will be 17.5’ x 11’ with a full eleven foot backed bench on the far end. I know that they will enjoy this deck far more than they could ever realize…even at this late date in the fall. Next summer they will find themselves using it daily and enjoying that they can move around on it and relax in the cool evenings and entertain friends comfortably. We’ll post before and after pictures soon.    

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