Sunday, October 6

Rainy Days Are Bringing The Leaves Down Fast…Falls Here!


Today was a miserable damp day that could cut to the bone if you were out for any length of time. We had a car stop in this morning with two couples just wanting to see the animals. They were from Brooklyn, so I guess it’s a novelty to see the animals and walk among them here. They seemed to enjoy the tour and bought some cheese before leaving. After they went back to Westerlo, where they were stay with family for the weekend, Vick and I took off for GNH Lumber to place a job quote for our friend’s Phil and Shelly. We are going to help them expand their rear deck on the house so they can enjoy the fall a little more comfortably. Right now it’s only eight by eight feet and rather crowded with a few chairs and a tiny table. When we are done, it will be 17.5 by 11 feet with a nice eleven foot bench on the end. We’ll help them get started when the lumber is delivered.
We still have little dinky jobs around here to complete, like installing the gusset cable for the new barn light so it is better supported. We need to paint the inside and outside of the new blocks around the Bilco doors yet too. I’d like to take a day when I’m home to remove the half door on the old chicken run and install the full length door we have for there. That will remove the need to hunker down to enter that outside run. I’ll change the roosting rods to go the other direction and make them removable for cleaning too. I hate going in there because it’s hard on the back and I always hit my head on the roost poles when I stand up. (Not one of our better ideas when we built that one...)
I’ve been working on the books for the farm and finishing up the books for Nature’s Friend’s of Hospice, Inc. too. We officially closed on the 30th of September, so I need to close the books on that and have our accountant finish that up. I needed QuickBooks correct and updates to move it to the farm store computer so we can keep duplicate records there and here.  
We were at the Southern Adirondack Sheep and Fiber Show Saturday and made arrangements to purchase a Cotswold sheep from a lady in April or May. Vick bought some of the roving and spun a bobbin full already and it looks great.
Tuesday we will be receiving our new mini-donkey Alana…I’ve included a picture of her along with the ducks and other fiber festival pictures. The little brown spotted beauty is delivered Tuesday and will stand a massive 29” tall. Isn’t she sweet? We can’t wait. I think we are supposed to get another alpaca somewhere along the line before winter too. Our friend Phil needs to get rid of one to make room for a new one he has coming…I think. Keep watching for these new additions.   

 This is Alana, our newest addition to arrive Tuesday
 Indian runner ducks belonging to duck herding 101
 Vick and I love runners...In fact that is all we will get now...
 One of the herding dogs...A beautiful Blue Merle...
 Another of the herding dogs...a beautiful Red...
 Daughter of the herding lady holding an Indian Runner....
 A beautiful felted picture...Fiber felted on silk I think...Amazing
Another felted picture...What talent...It's beautiful...

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