Wednesday, October 2

What Can I Possibly Say…How Do You Explain An Idiot???

I wish someone in politics with large male testosterone chambers would organize and lead the small group of politicians that decided the affordable care program more commonly known as Obamacare was a failure and not in the best interest of Americans, would collectively and finally put a stop to this amazingly stupid and unfair program! I realize there has to be a hair pulling session between Democrats and Republicans…Always has and always will be…but now is the time to stop it. I am without medical coverage beginning January 1st 2014 and it looks kind of like no one but me gives a shit either…Who is so stupid as to not see that until Obama started this shit I had insurance and everything was fine. Now I don’t have insurance and cannot afford to pay the seven thousand dollars plus a year afforded by this dumb assed “affordable care” program. What is affordable about $625.00 a month for health insurance? Not only is that a joke, but I then have the 20% co-pay for anything on top of that. And if I cannot afford it, he will seize my bank assets to fund it. What part of don’t have does this idiot not understand? Perhaps I should have learned Spanish in school…then I could have pretended to be some other nationality and begged for free healthcare and food stamps while enjoying a large income from welfare.
In my sixty two years of living in this country, I cannot ever remembering this much negativity toward any president we ever had. (Hmm, is president capitalized? Well this one will never be important or proper enough for me to ever capitalize it when referring to him)
I’m sick of all this Obama crap. He sucks as a president and as an American. He has committed more atrocities in his office than any ten other presidents in history, with the Benghazi Treason incident remaining at the top of the list. I cannot fathom sitting there watching live streaming video of our consulate being overrun and our Americans being tortured and killed as they asked for backup and he denied them help that was a mere two hours away. The two Navy Seals held the attackers at bay from 9:30 in the evening until 4:00 Am when they were finally overrun.
At least he isn’t going to send thugs to beat me if I cannot buy the insurance…at least not just yet. Tomorrow may be another chapter in his “Chicago politics” method of running things and the beatings could commence at sun rise.
I want to know one thing… if you can’t afford this crumby program and you have no bank account to seize then what?            
Do we put a million Mexicans that he wants to make citizens in jail? Somehow I believe they will get things free and I will go to jail…on my nickel as usual.
I continue to hear more and more horror stories daily.
More horror, more complaints, more bitching, more crying and still half the nation loves this idiot. This is exactly what I preached was going to happen. You cannot give worthless, lazy people who will not work a health care program that they pay nothing for without taking that money from another person that already fends for themselves. All it does is cause that person to sink into poverty with the lazy bum until they have nothing either. Obama always wanted everyone to be the same and be equal…spread the wealth…well it’s coming to fruition with everyone going broke and having nothing.  
How much longer will fools follow this idiot into poverty?
Just how stupid does he want us to remain? WAKE UP PEOPLE! When will we demand an end his Hitler like reign?

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