Tuesday, October 1

Closed and Gone...We Have Formally Closed For Awhile…

Today we dissolved the 501(c)(3) not for profit status on our gift shop due to a severe lack of business and support. We have not had a visitor, customer or phone call for the last three months in the gift shop. We cannot continue to dedicate every weekend and many week days to opening the shop and waiting around for customers that never arrive. Starting tomorrow, the building will be our farm and fiber store, specializing in our fiber from the alpacas. We will offer raw and partially processed fiber, along with finished yarns and fiber tools made here on the farm. Later we plan to offer a line of spinning wheels and Vick will give spinning classes sometime in the future also. The hospice gift shop was not producing anything for anyone, so we decided to do away with the not for profit status and use the building to make a little money for ourselves and give a charity of our choice, 10% of the total profits in this new store. The charity will change monthly and could be a local benefit for one of our neighbors. Vick is leaving a corner for “Local Artisans” which will allow our friends and neighbors to sell artwork, as long as they donate 10% to the monthly charity chosen. We have closed the shop until we re-organize and deal with anything left by donors. Merchandise and artwork will either revert back to the owners or go to hospice before we reopen the shop.
Today Josh will clean barns as usual and then help with a little project before we go to the bunny brothel to install the last of the batons on the south wall in the pasture. We are taking everything a day at a time and relaxing a little since we are all caught up. In fact, we have just agreed to enlarge a deck for friends of ours, so somewhere along the line soon, we will start that building project. It is good karma…extra cash for us and a larger deck of our friends…AFFORDABLY.
Our Grandson on Long Island who is in college and an avid Lacrosse player and trainer has, along with his friend David has started a Lacrosse Company called “Marvel Lacrosse and Laxercise”. (Laxercise is his new word describing exercises having to do specifically with lacrosse minded workouts)
David should be completing his website shortly and when it is finished, we will add a link to it here for everyone to take a look. Here are two logos they created for the site.

 Soon you will see a link here to go visit their web site page.
On another note…I am back to writing again, trying to complete “Life in a Barrens World” which is an actual journal styled book relating stories of my life as a twelve year old growing up in an old Pennsylvania mining town in the sixties.
Vick is now learning Reiki healing taught by a Reiki master and is also delving into animal communication…again, taught by another master in that field.
Little grass grows under our feet and sometimes we become tired, but we are alive and happy with our lives and support one another’s interests and passions.

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