Sunday, March 9

Up The Icy River With A Barge And Antiquing With The Spirits…

Friday we were in Coxsackie for a haircut and lunch at the Sbarboro restaurant, a quaint little hole in the wall that serves the greatest breakfasts and lunches. We really like to eat there, but most of the time we miss them because they close around two and we seldom venture away from the farm until at least that time. When we have to strike out early for something, we try to stop there and eat.
After finishing a great breakfast there, we headed for home…but stopped at the Coxsackie Town Park just off of Betke Boulevard. Below are the pictures I took from the concrete dock next to the boat launch. There was a big ol’ barge working its way up river, breaking ice as it went. What a noise…and especially considering it was probably 600 to 700 yards away from where I was standing. I can imagine how loud it was on deck as it crushed against that big old iron hull.  


As we were eating breakfast, Vicks spirit guide came to her and told her to stop at Coxsackie Antiques on the way home, which indicated to her that there was something there we either wanted badly or needed right now. I need lathe tools for my spinning wheel project, so Vick said we would stop quickly. Once inside, she dowsed from row to row, asking which row the item was in. She finally got a yes in the last area, which is a walkway ramp up and around the back corner of the room, leading to the upper level. This ramp was installed for wheelchairs, so they just added showcases on both sides of the ramp to utilize the space. There in a showcase was a set of large calipers I needed for the lathe work I do. I had been watching them on eBay, but the pricing was in the high thirties…and this one was only $15.00 and was made in the USA. GREAT!! Also right next to it was a large Tibetan prayer wheel for only $5.00. They sell on eBay for over $70.00, so Vick snatched that up too. WOW…are we glad we stopped.

Yesterday we worked around the house and my live center for the lathe came in the mail. Now I can turn small things without burning the wood finish and it will be much more stable in the lathe, especially if I am turning long spindles. Below is an Ashford size bobbin I made sitting next to a factory one. I’ll be making these to sell on-line at Fiber Tools
…on our web site.
Today I will work on my glue press in the basement. Pictures to follow…
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