Monday, March 10

Off We Go Into The Wild Albany Traffic...Flying High...Among All The Jerks...

We are going to Delmar for acupuncture today…after which we will hit Trader Joe’s for coffee and then Benson’s Pet Shop for dog food. When I get home, I will finish the glue press and maybe even glue a chair back together before I glue some planks for a wheel. I decided to make both glued wheels and one piece wheels. Glued wheels will definitely be cheaper for the final cost of the spinning wheel since glued boards are cheaper.
After I finish the wheel, I will make all the other pieces too.


I have to make a spindle plate as soon as I find the ¾ - 16 nuts I bought for the piece and then do a little cutting and welding.
Below are pictures of the glue press as it sits, awaiting the handle and pin holes. More later……

I'll install a handle with multiple fulcrum points and pin holes to lock the handle, while applying pressure to the glued piece. (see pictures later)
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