Friday, March 7

Not Over The River And Through The Woods...But Close...

We’re headed off to Coxsackie for a haircut this morning. After getting sheared at Salon 255 by Spring, the owner, we will scoot on down into town, next to the Hudson river for breakfast at the Sparboro. (Yes Isabelle…we’ll be thinking about you & missing you the whole time) The Sparboro is a little hole in the wall diner that serves the greatest breakfasts and lunches. Everything is homemade and their eggs are from a local farm.
When we get home, I’ll let the animals out, open the farm store and with Vick watching the shop, I’ll begin making some things in the basement shop…miniature easels for Vick’s miniature watercolors under glass…and a few bobbins for spinning wheels. I have the 6” square block to make the jig fixture for drilling the thru hole, so we’ll give it a whirl! (Pun intended)
Pictures to follow…stay tuned.
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