Saturday, April 12

It’s Saturday…warm and Beautiful, Down Here On The Farm…

I got up this morning, let the dogs out and made coffee at 8:30 this morning and here it is over twelve hours later and I haven’t gotten the blog posted yet! We worked with the donkeys early this morning and continued throughout the day to get ready for Rosie to foal anytime. (Vick’s dowsing shows 2:30 to 3:00 AM tomorrow or as I would say…tonight) We have the run-in shed set up for her to have her baby and two buckets of water and a new mineral block since she is no longer going into the big barn and won’t for a while after the foal is born. She will not want her baby around the other animals until it is big enough to fend for itself, so we may not even be able to keep Aunt Allie in there…we’ll have to see how Rosie reacts to her being around her and baby. Aunt Allie might be viewed as company or a threat…who knows.
I did a minor cleanup of old corn shocks around the farm and buildings, taking them to the refuse pile and picking up the ugly white Styrofoam that was spread around when a couple of cardboard boxes disintegrated. I didn’t know there was Styrofoam in them or I would have placed it in the garbage in the first place. The cardboard will dissolve and go away with the rotting wood, but the foam would be there forever, so now it is in the garbage bin.
Our friend Phil from Brooklyn Alpacas came to visit in the afternoon and we discussed business and the farm and computers until time to send the ducks and chickens in for the day.
We sold eggs today, but nothing else. Yesterday when we were in Massachusetts, Lynda sold maple syrup and honey left and right. I did get our bulk honey set up in the shop today, so customers can now bring their own containers and buy in bulk or take a Mason jar from here for a 50¢ deposit and get all the honey they want for $7.50/lb. Everyone loves our honey.
That’s about all we had time for in this day…I know it sound lame…but believe me, we didn’t actually slow down until Phil arrived around 4:30 this afternoon…and when he left at dark, we put everyone away and checked and fed Rosie, Aunt Allie and all the others animals before calling it quits.

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