Thursday, April 17

Daily Life Here Takes unprecedented Turns and Dives…

We’ve covered a lot of ground since the last post, yet didn’t move too far from the footsteps made to the last entry. We have found the story that Rosie was “with a jack for a week in the spring” was not all together true…for she was with a jack from May through September! Now that…will probably make a difference in when she will foal, don’t you think? Uhhh…since it take twelve to thirteen months…We probably won’t see a foal until at least May sometime or later. Duh; such a nice thing to learn when we’ve been up checking art all hours of the night and early morning…expecting to see something soon. Perhaps the breeder isn’t as reputable as we had thought going into this, but it really doesn’t matter because we couldn’t find a donkey sweeter than the two we got, so we’ll deal with the delay. We didn’t really even expect to have a baby anyway.
I keep running into little obstacles with the spinning wheel manufacturing, but in lieu of having all the right machines and tools, I believe it is going pretty well. I bought a third lathe for forty dollars from a friend in Selkirk, and used the motor from it on my wheel lathe. Now I want the third lathe for spindles and had to mount a saw motor on it which I got from my brother-in-law. The problem with it is that it runs WAY TOO FAST!!! It was actually turning in excess of 7,500 RPM…way over the 750 I want. I have a pump motor at Vick’s brother’s house, but decided against trashing it because I would have to remove the front motor end plate containing the pump housing and buy a regular front plate, so rather that destroying a perfectly good 110 Volt pump, I bought a new motor on eBay. It will be delivered tomorrow by UPS according to their email notice of delivery. Within a half hour, I will be turning the other two leg spindles needed for the main frame.
I or Vick, need to get to GNH Lumber with the two chlorine containers and exchange them to get the pool up and running. Even in this cold, the alga is growing and the pool is getting greener. NOW is the time to attack it and get things under control before it becomes a nightmare later.
I need to balance my time between preparing a foundation base at the lake for the cottage…spinning wheel manufacturing…the pool and building a separation wall between the bunnies and the turkey incubation room…We saw that fertile Royal Palm Heritage breed turkey eggs are bringing $65.00 a dozen on-line. We have been selling them from $4.00 a dozen to our customers to eat! I guess we need to change our outlook on the Royal Palm project and market them on-line for hatching rather than eating them.   

Hmmmmm, busy as usual…spring has arrived. As you see from the picture, there is a dozen in the clutch already.  
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