Monday, April 21

Working Our Way Into Summer Early This Year…

April 21st…The day after Easter…a month into spring 2014 and we already have the summer stuff out, the little garden pond running and the swimming pool running and blue.


Usually it is Memorial Day or even after the kids are out of school before we get around to opening the pool. Obviously we are getting caught up with things to be able to get at these things early this year…even with the spinning wheel project and such.


I finished Vick’s Jumbo flyer for her old Ashford style spinning wheel that came from somewhere around Lithuania I suppose. We bought it from an old German lady, so who knows where she got it, but a lot of them come from Europe and have no name on them. The flyer worked pretty well, but flexed back and forth too much because bearing I made of the soft leather and the drive band kept jumping off. Vick ran to the local blacksmith/equestrian shop and purchased some nylon horse shoe pads

and they did the trick. They were much more rigid and easy to work with. It works great now.


I got the new motor installed on the new lathe and it is ready to turn out spindles now. It runs smoothly and extremely quiet now, compared to the saw motor that ran ten times too fast! We’ll begin turning spindles this evening or tomorrow.   
Today we go to acupuncture and then to Yellow Far to look at the Teeswater sheep we will be getting a little later this month. I’ll make sure to take some pictures for you to see the little guys. (It’s a lamb right now…along with many others there) We are getting a Cotswold from Ewetopia Sheep Farm in Whitehall, NY a fair ways above Albany.


We will go pick that lamb up as soon as she calls us to say it’s ready. We made arrangements for this one last fall at the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival in Washington County (just outside of Greenwich, NY)

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