Saturday, May 3

Time Flys, But We Don't...

Here we are, May 3, 2014…running the farm and trying to make my first Watt Heritage Legacy spinning wheel which probably seems to everyone like a long, drawn out and difficult thing to do. Well, it isn’t. I am moving slowly to reduce the amount of times I need to stop and regroup after making mistakes like I did with the first set of legs. (Being too short)
I also have to stop and go do other things which need taken care of here on the farm too, so that will always be a burden to the spinning wheel manufacturing…now and in the future. I am just doing and thinking…measuring and fitting…inventing and testing and doing all the things in steps to insure I can do them over and over once I begin making wheels weekly. Believe me, what I have done since starting the KickStart project back on March 8th; I can now do in approximately three days! That is due in part to the slow approach and preparations I have made to reproduce everything to date. When I am finished with the first wheel, I feel confident that I can make another in a week’s time or less. For example, I can glue the boards, cut the blank, turn it and complete the cut-out in two days. I can make and install the eight spokes in the wheel in two hours. Take another day for the mainframe and adjuster support glue to dry, etc., etc. So that kind of explains what is taking so long.
Well…that and running the farm. I need to suspend the spinning wheel today to build a wall in the bunny brothel, claiming a portion of it for a turkey brooding area. There will be three incubators available to hatch turkey’s non-stop throughout the summer and an area for them to be raised until large enough to go to the adult area and outside. We will also begin advertising and selling fertile turkey eggs by the dozen for brooding. They presently bring $65.00 a dozen some places on-line for fertile Royal Palm heritage breed turkey eggs, so we will sell ours for $25.00 a dozen and be happy. We will no longer sell them for eating at $4.00/doz. as we did in the past. (Silly us!)
Rosie will also be foaling sometime in the very near future I would guess…It has been a solid year since she was placed in with the jack, but we also understand they can go thirteen months before foaling. We will clean and prepare the pasture and run-in shed Tuesday when Josh comes to clean.
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